News / 16 Apr, 2020

SwissMoves enables the homologation of autonomous mobility

​Autonomous driving is expected to revolutionize road traffic by attenuating current externalities, especially accidents and congestion. Carmakers, researchers and administrations have been working on autonomous driving for years and significant progress has been made. However, the doubts and challenges to overcome are still huge, as the implementation of autonomous driving encompasses not only complex automotive technology, but further aspects such as human behaviour, ethics, traffic management strategies, policies, liability,​ etc.

While pilot tests under specific constraints and limitations are multiplying, Switzerland is not yet ready to open its boundaries to fully autonomous vehicles. Swiss Roads Authorities, like most national authorities around the world, are not able to assess risks that occur from the operation of such new driving methods. The paper “SwissMoves enables the homologation of autonomous mobility", created by ROSAS and CertX, addresses main topics that should be revaluated and included in future homologation schemes to provide safe, secure and rule-c​ompliant operation of autonomous systems.​

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