Robust and Safe Systems

In 2015, the companies Johnson Electric, Liebherr Machines Bulle and Meggitt joined forces with the HEIA-FR to form a center under the acronym ROSAS - Robust and Safe Systems. Globally the role of ROSAS is to ensure the reliability of the interaction between mechanical components, electronic hardware and software in functional systems. This requires concepts and methods to assess robustness and safety, especially under harsh physical conditions. Such functional systems are increasingly integrated into complex global systems such as aircrafts, automobiles, trucks, construction machines and many others. For companies this represents a strategic challenge, which can only be achieved by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and skilled engineers

ROSAS, through its affiliation with the HEIA-FR, is actively involved in research and innovation in collaboration with numerous academic institutes. In this context, ROSAS ensures high quality expertise and the constant introduction of new technical, managerial, theoretical and social skills within the team.

Located on the blueFACTORY site, ROSAS evolves in a dynamic environment: we benefit frequently from social, cultural, professional and promotional events organised on the site. Our offices are located in the Halle Bleue, a low-energy building with solar panels. We share the building with many other entities working for sustainable development, construction, health at work, medical, etc. This diversity creates a rich and unusual working and after-work environment.

Our vision

ROSAS intends to :

  • Promote Functional Safety, Model-Based Engineering (MBE), Cybersecurity and Intelligent Systems in academies and industries through innovative developments and a strong network of trained engineers in an entrepreneurial oriented ecosystem.
  • Ensure an ecosystem that facilitates the emergence of ideas and the creation of spin-offs such as CertX, the first accredited body in Switzerland to certify products according to functional safety and cybersecurity standards and regulations, or LOXO, the first autonomous delivery vehicle in Switzerland.
  • Develop skills of employees through participation in seminars, training and certification.

We have adopted a flat hierarchical structure in order to maximise the achievement of our vision. The implementation of this structure allows employees to interact with the organisation and their responsibilities and tasks according to their professional interests and perspectives. This structure also allows for collaboration and communication between each area of ROSAS and enables the effective use of internal expertise.

Our mission

At ROSAS, we support companies in the industrialisation of their products and services. To do this, we use applied university research and innovative technologies and collaborate with numerous Swiss and international academic institutes.

Our services


Eric Silva

Deputy Director


+41 26 429 69 16

Roland Scherwey

Ordinary Professor - Head of the Institute of Smart and Secured Systems


+41 26 429 65 90

Ilkcan Coşkun

Head of Functional Safety - Test lab expert


+41 26 429 66 16

Gabriel Python

Head of Intelligent Systems


+41 26 429 68 20

Vincent Robatel

Head of Model-based Engineering


+41 26 429 67 65

Semra Sezen Coşkun

Functional Safety Engineer


+41 26 429 67 93

Ivan Baeriswyl

Data Scientist


+41 26 429 66 34

Boris Gaudard

Software Engineer


+41 26 429 65 11

Jan Huber

Embedded systems developer


+41 26 429 68 89

Yves Kalberer

Software Engineer


+41 26 429 68 04

Tony Licata

Software Engineer


+41 26 429 67 82

Julien Michel

Embedded systems developer


+41 26 429 68 15

Damien Nguyen

Functional Safety Engineer


+41 26 429 68 05

Denis Rosset

Cybersecurity Engineer


+41 26 429 65 05

Gabrielle Thurnherr

Software Engineer


+41 26 429 65 33

Urban Willi

Software Engineer


+41 26 429 68 16

Marc-Antoine Fénart

Associate Professor - Transports and mobility


+41 26 429 69 02

Michael Mäder

Associate Professor - IT and communication systems


+41 26 429 66 14

Gianluca Nicchiotti

Associate Professor – System engineering


+41 26 429 65 67

Jacques Supcik

Associate Professor - Technical Computer Science


+41 26 429 67 52

Anouk Liechti

Administrative Assistant


+41 26 429 67 49

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