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Training & Education


Together with its affiliate “institute of Smart and Secure Systems” (iSIS) at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HEIA-FR) ROSAS offers Bachelor students and Master students the opportunity to collaborate with its industrial partners and clients “on the job” in technology development projects in a stimulating working environment:

  • They can efficiently progress their studies and develop their engineering skills by working alongside professionals from ROSAS institute as well as from the industrial partners and other ROSAS customers.
  • They will benefit from the insight into an increasingly important systems engineering field develop their engineering skills for their future professional career
  • They can pursue postgraduate degrees within the cooperation framework of the ROSAS with other academic institutions.


Furthermore, ROSAS offers in-house and on-site courses, workshops and “after work” lectures in safety and reliability/RAMS engineering and associated processes tailored to the specific needs and disciplines of our customers.

Starting in 2016, ROSAS will offer a “Safety Analysis Methods” lecture in cooperation with the Haute École d´Ingénierie et d´Architecture Fribourg and the Technical University Munich (Germany) which will be given at both academic institutions and will be open to Master students of both academic institutions.